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Hi, Everybody! I’m Alexandra Freidl, creator of Creative Communications Workshops and content manager of its complimentary blog. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit! I hope you find some good reads here and I invite you browse the homepage and Lexislider: the online vocabulary builder that’s the best study tool for multiple languages.

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Still reading? Great! Here’s some more behind the vision of Creative Communications Workshops and what kind of content you can expect from this blog.

Creative Communications Workshops is my ongoing self-improvement project that I created by channeling all my passions, talents and interests into a stream of online content and workshops so you, too, can reach your full potential.

I love getting lost, because that’s where you will find what you didn’t even know you were looking for at least expected moment. That’s how I created my website, creativecomwork.com and furthered my career as an online marketing manager, but results are a true art form, and it took me years of being lost to perfect my craft. I’ve been wandering around the world, almost too afraid of committing to anything at all, because how can you choose any one path when you have so many passions?

Keep reading my weekly posts, and I will be sure to reveal all the secrets I’ve discovered along my twisted path.

I’m visionary, creative, expressive and love languages. I also hate broken systems, in-the-box thinking and rigid structure.